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Ultimate Forex Trading Master Class


Ultimate Forex Trading Master Class

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Learn absolutely everything you need to know to become a Forex Trading Professional. Over 20 Hours of Training! Finally become a consistently profitable trader. Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  • What is Forex Trading
  • Why Trade Forex
  • Choosing a Broker
  • Equipment Needed
  • Types of Traders
  • Setting up a Daily Routine
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • All About Harmonic Patterns
  • Understanding Structure
  • How to analyze Patterns
  • Proper way to enter Trades
  • Where to place Stops
  • How to place Targets
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • The Checklist
  • Fibonacci Analysis
  • Popular Indicators and Why you dont need them
  • Defining Proper Support & Resistance Levels
  • Trend Continuation Trading
  • The Rule of 3’s
  • Professional Mindset Mastery
  • Creating a Trading Plan
  • Backtesting
  • Money Management
  • Types of Money Management Systems
  • Risk Management
  • How to Remove Emotions From Trading
  • Trade Journalling
  • Record Keeping
  • What’s a Good Trade vs a Bad Trade
  • Putting It All Together


You get access to:

  • Our Famous 24-hour Chatroom
  • 3-Months of our exclusive LIVE Trading Room

For more information go to SuperchargeYourTrading.com

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4 reviews for Ultimate Forex Trading Master Class

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anton W.

    This is by far the absolute best forex trading course I have ever taken. I had previously spent over $30k in learning forex. Never really getting a grip on it and being able to be profitable doing it. Now after this course (and actually during the course as well) I am now a consistently profitable trader. And this is now my full time job. I love it and want to thank Karma for sharing his knowledge. He is a giver and never stops helping you as long as you need it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Justin Pentalin

    Brilliant!!! This course gets 5-stars minimum. I never thought I could do this. But after Karma’s Master Class, I now have the confidence to be a professional trader. I am even making money now too.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric Lin

    I came to Karma because I want to be financially successful. He introduced me to the Forex trading. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme. It is a serious education course from a professional. Karma always makes effort to give us extra time and value. He gave me practical knowledge and show us step-by-step how to trade forex profitably. I started a demo account 3 weeks ago, and I can already see myself a profitable trader. The course isn’t cheap, but it is teaching you a skill that will earn you lots of income! That is why I am willing to invest in it. I can’t wait to trade live and start moving towards financial freedom.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert Weissman

    A big reason why I found myself attracted to forex was, a gut feeling. It just made total sense to me that there were certain patterns that arose in the currency exchange rates that if were recognized, you could bet the right amount of money and make a killing over time… Forex felt like my true exit out of the rat race.

    I just had no idea how to judge such occurrences and absolutely no idea where to start. The whole of the market was incredibly intimidating to me. So, I, like many went to BabyPips to find myself even more overwhelmed. I knew I needed a plan— a system.

    One week I had a lot of driving to do, so I thought it’d be smart to download as many podcasts as I could on forex. After going through a dozen casts, not feeling particularly confident, and honestly a bit disillusioned, I played Karma’s podcast.. It spoke to me immediately.

    With so many of the others coming across as novice or “salesy” Karma’s sounded professional. When others either made it sound hopeless or too good to be true, Karma was encouraging and down to earth. When other “gurus” gave me the feeling of forex being a scam, Karma made it sound like a business. Though I didn’t know the mechanics behind trading, I knew that any way to be a winner would have to be based on a solid tested plan. That’s the very message I got from Karma.

    After listening through his whole catalog, I thought that I’d email him, not really expecting a reply. To my shock he emailed me a detailed personal message back the very next day. A little bit later he sent me a personal, just for me, video on how to use Trading View. I was totally flattered and blown away that he took the time to help me right off the bat like that. We continued to correspond and when he made the Master Class available I enrolled.

    Now, it wasn’t cheap for me to do so, it was actually quite a nice little chunk of change for me. After thinking about it though, it’s WAY more expensive to jump in the market without real knowledge, and would take a much longer time to gain the knowledge. Now, after taking the class I’m confident that I’ve saved myself five years and untold amounts of money and anguish. (Actually in comparison to other courses it’s not so expensive)

    The definition of mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, and that is what I bought with the Master Class. I honestly for the first time in my life have a mentor. If you’re serious about truly using trading to it’s full potential for success most folks, if not all, NEED a mentor.

    I live in California, on the other side of the country, I’m just thankful that the technology exits today, that can make something like this opportunity possible, to find and benefit from a mentor of my choice, thousands of miles away. Someone who not only will show me totally how to trade on a webinar, but also who will take the individual time to field any and all questions. Any successful person that I can think of has a similar stories of mentors helping unlock their potential through guidance, that’s what I feel I’ve gotten with Karma.

    I recall in the beginning of class telling him that if I end up becoming a giant success I’d sing his praises and give him all the credit, his reply was that any success would be all my doing, he was just going to give me the tools to succeed.

    The bottom line is, after two short months I am more than confident in entering the market as a competent trader who can analyze the market conditions. I feel I have some sort of hidden knowledge and a deeper sight. I’m truly excited for what the future holds in my trading…. Also I have made a friend in Karma, with which I know will help with direction, advice, and quite possibly…….. a personal video.

    Thanks Karma!

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