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Trader Psychology (Mindset Mastery)

Fundamental Analysis

Money Management

Technical Analysis (Charting)

Trading Plans & Journalling

Harmonic Patterns & Trend Trading


Eric L.

I came to Karma because I want to be financially successful. He introduced me to the Forex trading. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme. It is serious education from a professional.

Anton W.

This is by far the absolute best forex trading education I have ever taken. I had previously spent over $30k in learning forex. Never really getting a grip on it and being able to be profitable doing it. Now… I am a consistently profitable trader. And this is now my full time job. I love it and want to thank Karma for sharing his knowledge. He is a giver and never stops helping you as long as you need it.

Monica C.

What can I say about this course other than Holy Smokes! I don’t know where to start. This thing is so packed with information it might make your head hurt. In a good way that is. Karma is so giving with his information. And I love that. His system that he presents is incredibly methodical and strategically laid out. Flowing from one topic to the next in a logical manner. In just a few months I am already seeing profits in my live account. It has been a true honor to have a mentor like Karma.

Rob W.

The bottom line is, after two short months I am more than confident in entering the market as a competent trader who can analyze the market conditions