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About Karma Senge

Karma Senge

Head Currency Analyst

Karma's professional trading career started back in 2010 when he attended a seminar on Options trading. Although at the time he was involved in large scale commercial real estate investing and could only trade part time, trading took a firm grasp of his attention. Shortly after trading live, his passion for trading quickly took over and inevitably decided to take his trading full time.

After trading for almost two years in options, Karma once again attended another trading seminar which introduced him to Forex trading. And since then, Forex has completely been his main focus. Now years later Karma spends 7 days per week (and on average 12-15 hours per day) studying the forex market.

In 2015 some of Karma's friends started to ask him if he could show them how to trade since he had become an extremely profitable and consistent trader. And so FST Trading was born.