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Choking on Acid

Ever wake up from a bad dream?

Well, I can do something much more horrible.

I can wake up choking on ACID.

I have a stomach issue called Gurd and it causes me to have massive acid reflux.

I literally wake up once in a while choking on my acid, and to make it worse, I usually aspirate it as well (meaning I inhale it).

So I went out and did a ton of research on how to stop Gurd and acid coming up. There was so many different ways it wasn't even funny.

But after about 3 hours of looking I summed up that everything came down to diet.

With a good diet, and getting rid of certain types of food I ate, I could almost completely eliminate my Gurd.

Now you are probably asking now….”what the hell does this have to do with trading?”.


You see, I let this shit go for AGES and AGES before I did something about it.

Just like most traders do.

They start trading, losing money, and just continue to loose money without ever knowing WHY they are losing money or what to do about it.

Stop doing that shit.

I can't believe I went YEARS without doing something about this.

I was stupid.

Don't be like me. Be better than me.

That's my goal with my students. To make them better than I am.

And you know what, I am massively succeeding at doing that too.

If you are losing money consistently, stop everything. Do research and study WHY you are losing money.

Yes, you will have the occasional loss. But it should not be something where week after week, month after month you are losing money.

If you would like me to help you get out of this rut you are in and help you make consistent profits, join the Inner Circle.

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You Didn’t Finish It….Again?

So many times I get emails Like this:

“Dear Karma,

Can I please get access to all the modules for the Masterclass course now? I would like to begin it as quickly as possible? But it says that I have to wait. 



Here's My Response – 


Absolutely NOT.

Why would I do that? I can clearly see that you have also started the Forex 101 course the structural analysis course, and watch half of the first video of the Harmonic Hacking Course.

But NONE of them you have finished….

I wonder why that is?

What do you expect to get from me and my courses, if you never finish anything you start?

Is this setting you up for success?

Or Failure?

I don't like to see any one of my students set themselves up for failure.

But it seems like that is exactly what you are doing.

I encourage you to do to 1 of 2 things.

  1. Go back and finish every course of mine that you have started. (Watch them 1 by 1. Pay attention. And take notes.)
  2. Cancel your membership immediately.

I don't want people that are not even going to attempt to learn from me or try to succeed in our Inner Circle.

I don't do this for the money. I do this to help people that are serious about wanting to learn to trade the right way.

So email me back and let me know which option you want to choose.


I consistently see this type of thing happening all the time with traders.

They start something, but never see it through to the end.

Courses, webinars, etc…

Hell, this leads in to actually trading too.

How many times have you (or someone you know or seen) got a hold of someone else's trading system/strategy, tested it for a whole, maybe even put some money on it, lost the money, and then said it is crap and went on to find a new one?

I bet you have done that many many times.

As did I, when I first started.

But looking back I can see, if you want to do something and be good at something, you got to see it all the way through.

Get GOOD information, and really delve into it and see it through to the end. You will be glad you did.

If you want the really really Good (naaa THE BEST) currency trading information out there, Join our Inner Circle.

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Spontaneous Income

Yesterday at 9 am, my wife up and decided that we were going to have a massive garage sale.

We have been wanting to have one for months, but never did.

So at 9am when she sprang this on me, we went out and put everything we had out on the driveway..

I went out, bought some signs and placed them at the corners of main streets.

And during the entire day, she did all the selling.

She is fantastic at sales, even though she doesn't like it.

In the space of 5 hours, she managed to make around $200 in sales.

This was stuff that I was honestly going to just give away or trash.

After it was over yesterday, I asked her why all of a sudden she wanted to have a sale.

She said “I want to do a spiritual retreat. And I didn't want to just use your trading money to do it. I wanted to make it on my own”

How awesome is that?

She wanted to do something for herself and instantly decided in a single moment that she was going to bust her butt in order to make the money she needed.

She needed income, so she got it.

I call this “Spontaneous Income”.

Now I normally make quite a bit of money doing what I do. But I do things with that money:

  1. It goes to pay our living expenses
  2. More than 30% of it goes to charity
  3. And the rest I reinvest.

But whenever I want something for myself, I make myself look for other ways to make the money I need. And that is what she did.

I encourage you to do the same. It makes you think outside of the box. If I can't make the money doing something else in order to afford something, I simply don't get it.

It's my way of “earning it”. Trading…honestly, is very easy.

No maybe the word is simple, it does take work.

But once you know what you are doing, the money just flows and flows.

And now, I make a ton, but I almost feel like I don't “earn it”. Because it comes so easy now.

So this is what I do.

If you want money to come incredibly easy to you as well in your trading, join our Inner Circle and get all of the education you need at a fraction of the cost most others charge.

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52 Dudes in a House…

Stanley, a guy I met here in town about a year ago (who now is a friend of mine), called me up and told me, “dude, you got to come see this“.

I asked him what it was, but he wouldn't say.

So I drive down to this regular looking house in a regular area of town that he told me to meet him at.

We walk in and there I stood in a hallway with guys everywhere…

This is what my brain focused on:

…Computers were everywhere

…Wires running on the ceiling, walls, floors and even through the air ducts

…A kitchen the size of Wyoming with 4 fridges

…Monitors as far as the eye could see…

They had set up a wall to wall, 2-story (had a basement too) in-home prop trading…..home.

There were 52 traders in all inside this house.

It was crazy.

And what really drove me mental, was not the overwhelming amount of people, computers, monitors or wiring….

It was that nearly ALL of these “traders” were kind of new to trading AND were all trying their hand at scalping the market.

Number 1…If you are a newbie in trading, you have no business trading money for others.

The main “dude” of the house who had put everything together told us that he had gotten some friends together and told them that he wanted them to learn how to trade.

They took an ad out and got more “traders” to trade for them.

He got all his money from an inheritance.


Number 2…If you are scalping, you are being ignorant.

Now I am NOT saying you are stupid, just ignorant….meaning you don't know what you don't know.

I have NEVER met a scalper (out of meeting tens of thousands of traders) that has made any significant amount of money consistently in the markets….ANY Market.

And I am not saying you should be trading super long term either.

That sh*t drives me nuts just the same.

Anyways, if you would like to learn the RIGHT way to trade, learn how to really make money in the markets for the long term….and make money consistently..

Click the link below.

Here is the link:

The 2-Hour Work Day

Comes a question/comment about my workweek email (“Your TIME Excuses are BULLSH*T!” email)  I sent a day or so back.

the advice from most good gurus is to work only 2 hours a day and spend rest of time on holidays…..and still make large income. So you probably are very stressed and exhausted…? Work less and earn more

Let me tell you all about “Gurus”

Do you know WHY most “gurus” are constantly taking pictures of themselves on beaches in Costa Rica or other locations like that? It's because they can't make enough money to afford a REAL lifestyle in America.

Did you know that the majority of these so-called “goo-roos” make less than $1500 per month?

They feed you dreams that they know you would love to have.

They might take a vacation for a few days and do loads of filming so to look like they got tons of money and the lifestyle you want so that they can fool you into thinking they know what they are doing.

This is actually one of the reasons I almost never show my home.

I make more than $15MM per year, live in a $3 million dollar home, have 2 Teslas, a Rolls, and my own private 737 aircraft (with full crew).

But I don't go flaunting it in order to impress you.

In fact, I refuse to do that.

And let me talk about this 2-hour workday thing.

Yes you can have that….but why the hell would you want it?

Work two hours so that you can then go back to sleep???

No thanks.

You know what happens to the majority of people after they retire?

Statistically speaking…they are dead within 18 months.

You see, I LOVE what I do. I LOVE Trading. Why would I only want to do it for 2 hours?

If you love what you do, you wouldn't.

I don't get stressed working long hours. I actually find it relaxing. When I get stressed at home or whatever, I actually GO TO work.

This is my de-stressor.

That's a new word I just made up…

Kidding, I don't actually know if it is a word or not. I'm not an elgish magor or anyting.

And yes theese words were meant to be mispelled. 🙂

Anyways, the point of the email…

You can work for 2 hours per day and then fuck off doing something else. But you won't make nowhere near the amount of money you could.

Click Here when you are done reading this rant. 

A Smoking HOT Girl and a Pair of Heels

My wife has been trying to hunt down a yellow handbag for like 2 weeks now to match her yellow pumps (women's heels) that I bought her 3 months ago.

Now my wife has already purchased 4 handbags. But none of them were exactly “correct”.

She is meticulous on the color it has to be, and the size and style.

I will never understand why a woman needs to match her handbag and shoes… Or understand why you can't wear white after labor day.

What I do understand is trading.

I have been trading for many many years now and I know so much about what works and doesn't work…in the real world.

Not false “Hopium” based BS that most “gurus” talk about.

But how to make real money…consistently.

And just like my wife has been looking for that perfect handbag, we (as traders) should be meticulous when it comes down to our trades.

Everything we do in trading should have this level of detailed meticulousness (if that is a word… is now at least).

Take a lesson out of my smokin hot wife's page……analyze everything you do. Don't settle for average.

“Average is a terminal disease.”

If you are tired of being “Average” and want to be extraordinary in trading, Join the Inner Circle today.

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The One-Legged Approach to Trading

Frank, one of my most trusted friends and mentor of mine asked me today to give him some advice on trading.

I was flabbergasted!

This was the first time in history that he actually asked for my opinion on trading.

Now Frank is not a trader, per say.

He is in advertising.

But he wanted to know more about trading to diversify his money.

The biggest thing that he wanted to know about was if he had to do any fundamental analysis to be really good at trading.

I said something to the effect of this….”Could you sit properly and comfortably on a 1-legged stool?

He said “of course not“.

I said that analysis of the markets is like a stool. You need at least 3 legs for a stool to properly support you.

In trading, these legs are:

+ Fundamental Analysis

+ Sentiment Analysis, and

+ Technical Analysis

You know 90% of traders only use technical analysis…..Aaaannnddd 90% of traders are also losing traders.

Funny that, huh?

Coincidence? I don't think so.

There IS a direct correlation between most traders only wanting to do technical analysis and most traders losing money consistently.

No doubt about it.

IF you want to be able to rake in money consistently and for the long term….you have to use ALL THREE.

This is the same thing I told Frank.

In the end, he told me “shit dude, I got to run now, I have to go watch your videos on fundamental something or rather”.  😉

If you want to learn more about the three (actually there are 4) types of analysis, click the link below and join the Inner Circle.

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Gone With The Trend

Have you ever been so enamored with one particular way of doing something, simply due to someone else's opinion of whatever that thing was?

Of course, you have…

Ever had someone tell you how horrible a movie was that they saw at the theater and it puts you off of going to see it. Or maybe they said it was fantastic and the best movie they have ever seen so you go to see it too.

Everyone has done that. With one thing or another.

It could have been music,  or movies, a TV show or something else.

The point is, we are influenced by people much more than we are aware of.

Same goes for trading.

Here is a question……

Why are most traders trend traders?

Answer: Because a ton of other people said it was the best. “The Trend is your Friend” and all that crap.

I never bought what they were selling.

Although I do rarely trade with the trend it is not my cup of tea.

I actually prefer to trade when the market is in some sort of consolidation.

I trade the way only 18% of traders trade.

And you know what….

I make 100X more money than those traders that trade the trend.

So tell me again WHY I should do trend trading?????

Don't listen to the masses.

The masses don't know what they are talking about…..EVER.

Like Warren Buffet said “Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

This shows you right there that the masses of people are always on the wrong side of the trade. And if you do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and telling you to do, you will be able to have what they will never have.

If you would like to find out more about how I trade and how I make so much more money than most others trading…

Click the link below:



Five Thousand….

That is how many books I now have in my personal library.

I have been on a collecting spree of books for the past 10 years.

I also have an average reading speed of around 3900 words per minute.

This is in great contrast to the average persons' 160 words per minute speed.

But because I can read very very fast I, of course, go through a ton of books as you can guess.

But, did you know that 99.9999% of my books have nothing to do with trading?

I literally only have 2 books on trading. That's it.

And the books that I have do not teach a single thing on getting in and out of the markets.

I think books like that are pointless.

Instead the two books I have focus on MINDSET and Money Management.

I don't need a book to show me how to get in and out of the market. Do you know why I say that?

Because getting in and out of the market is the least important thing out of everything we do.

Plus I have a system I already use and have used for years…..that actually works and gets great win rates.

Now I know what you are thinking….”What do you mean getting in and out of the market is the LEAST important..It's the most important, right?”


Focusing on that is what losers do.

Focusing on all the other things that make up trading, is what professionals do.

Now I am not saying that getting in and out is not important, just that there are other things that are much much more important.

I am going to be doing a webinar next week on this and what elements are the most important, and go into extreme depth on this topic.

If you would like to know more visit the link below

Here is the link:

Scalping sucks…Try Flash Trading

If you have known me for even half a second personally, you would learn real quick that I have a massive “The Flash” addiction.

The Flash (The DC Superhero) is my absolute favorite superhero ever.

I watch the TV show, I collect memorabilia, etc.

In fact, I just went on Amazon a few days ago and purchased those Cute Funko Pop collectibles and they came in today.

I was so so excited.

Now most people would attribute only running at super speed with the Flash.

But there is so much more to him than running.

One of the biggest things he can do is think at super speed as well.

His ability to think at super speed allows him to analyze every possible outcome to any situation that comes his way in 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001 tenths of a second.

He could literally think all the way through a million possible ways to do something faster than light could travel from one end of an atom to the next.

And thinking through every possible scenario is exactly what we as traders need to do as well.

I harp on and on about trading plans.

And the most important things inside a trading plan is the “What if” section.

The “What If” section is an “If this / then that” section of possible things that could happen while trading.

If this happens than I do that….

Get it?

Think through every possible scenario. Add it in. Then whenever it comes up, you know just what to do.

If you would like to have a list of “What If's” click the link below.

Here is the link: