Today has been a really strange day for me.

+ I woke up late (like 9am late, which is very strange for me)

+ I got a chance to go to the gym and work out with my beautiful (fitness model) wife.

+ Got to go out to eat after that, at our favorite breakfast joint here in town.

+ And screwed around half the day (Which I never do because I am a workaholic)

Weird right?

Well about an hour ago (for me at the time of writing this) I got back online…only to find a BIG damn problem.

Our membership site that we host all our content on for our Inner Circle, wasn't allowing people to log on and get into their accounts.

All I could say was “DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT“..

This is the first time since putting up the new site that it had troubles of any sort.

Which btw, I think is completely sorted out now….We'll see. 🙂

The point is, sometimes sh*t just hits the fan and you got to deal with it.

In trading, this could simply be all 4 (or whatever amount) trades going bad.

Or maybe it is something like our computer going down when we have multiple trades on, right before a big fundamental news announcement.

Just don't panic.

Have a plan for the inevitable.

This is what our trading plan is for.

If you would like help writing your own plan, and see a bunch of other examples of what a good plan looks like, join the Inner Circle today.

Here is the link.





BTW, creating your first trading plan can be difficult. I'm not going to lie to you.

But we have a unique framework for developing it fast, all taught within the Inner Circle.

Most traders don't even know they need one, let alone use one.

This is what truly separates the professionals, from the amateurs.

Join today and get all the help you need:


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Karma Senge is a currency trader & analyst, a commercial real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Through his popular podcast, Supercharge Your Trading, Karma shares advice on how to achieve that coveted title of CPT (Consistently Profitable Trader), wealth, entrepreneurship, and business with millions of people in 30 countries.