DON’T touch my screen!

A GOOD Message from a friend of mine, Joey.


Do you have a BIG pet peeve?

I’m talking about something that totally boils your blood?

Right now, I'm thinking of 2.

The first one is touching my computer screen.

Oh yea.

Seeing fingerprints on that screen makes me nuts.

Why do people feel the NEED to touch a screen to point something out?


It KILLS me 🙂

I know…it’s kinda silly if you don’t feel the same **pain** LOL

And yes, I DO have a “touch” iPad and iPhone.

But I’m OK with that because it’s MEANT to be touched…

By now, you’re probably thinking “this guy’s got issues…”

No argument there 😉

However, the other pet peeve that REALLY boils my blood, is that damn #doubtingdan.

(That’s the name I put to that persistent voice inside my head that tries to crush my #confidence and keep me from playing bigger)

#doubtingdan (or whatever you call your saboteur's voice) is the one who tells us;

– changing habits,

– detaching from our current belief systems

– and learning a new way to show up in the world


In fact, #doubtingdan has a unique way of convincing us that we can easily quit on our dreams because it's too hard to change.

Even if we want

+ Freedom and time with family

+ Systemized business processes

+ Consistent revenue flowing in

+ To work fewer hours

+ Reduced stress

+ To help our parents financially


#doubtingdan somehow convinces us that

> staying in the status quo

> and the chaos of everyday noise

is a BETTER CHOICE than pushing through the hard sh!t that comes with getting more in CONTROL of our lives.

It really p!sses me off.

Because if we let him, #doubtingdan keeps the negative dialogue going

Can you see why it’s a huge pet peeve of mine?

Wouldn't it be cool if we could just DO the development work once, and never have to do it again?

But it doesn’t work that way, does it?

Personal and business development is an on-going “strategy.”

Because we’re doing it for our families, for our parents, our communities…

I can’t imagine telling my daughter:

“I can’t afford to pay for the wedding you’ve always wanted, because back when you were 14, daddy was to chicken-sh!t to deal with my fears and I refused to learn from others”

So THAT is one motivating piece that helps me silence #doubtingdan.

It keeps me pressing on – even if it feels like I’m walking barefoot on broken glass at times.

And I'm not alone.

People have told me they want to

+ be confident with where they are in life

+ be happy with the direction they are heading

+ love who they are as a person,

+ be themselves

+ spend time with their children

+ no longer worry about money

So, I’ve helped them do that, and so much more.

It starts with getting them clear and focused.


I loved this email when I got it. It really hit home because I do this kind of work every day with the Inner Circle.

I help my members get clear and learn what they need to know to be successful and help them stay clear of that damn Doubting Dan.

If you would like to join the Inner Circle click the link.

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