Five Thousand….

That is how many books I now have in my personal library.

I have been on a collecting spree of books for the past 10 years.

I also have an average reading speed of around 3900 words per minute.

This is in great contrast to the average persons' 160 words per minute speed.

But because I can read very very fast I, of course, go through a ton of books as you can guess.

But, did you know that 99.9999% of my books have nothing to do with trading?

I literally only have 2 books on trading. That's it.

And the books that I have do not teach a single thing on getting in and out of the markets.

I think books like that are pointless.

Instead the two books I have focus on MINDSET and Money Management.

I don't need a book to show me how to get in and out of the market. Do you know why I say that?

Because getting in and out of the market is the least important thing out of everything we do.

Plus I have a system I already use and have used for years…..that actually works and gets great win rates.

Now I know what you are thinking….”What do you mean getting in and out of the market is the LEAST important..It's the most important, right?”


Focusing on that is what losers do.

Focusing on all the other things that make up trading, is what professionals do.

Now I am not saying that getting in and out is not important, just that there are other things that are much much more important.

I am going to be doing a webinar next week on this and what elements are the most important, and go into extreme depth on this topic.

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About the Author

Karma Senge is a currency trader & analyst, a commercial real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Through his popular podcast, Supercharge Your Trading, Karma shares advice on how to achieve that coveted title of CPT (Consistently Profitable Trader), wealth, entrepreneurship, and business with millions of people in 30 countries.