It’s like learning to drive a car

Ever been in a panic and feel like your chest was going to explode from the worlds biggest heart attack?

That's exactly how I have been feeling lately.

I have been teaching my son how to drive…..ugg

If you are a parent of a now driving kid, you know exactly how that feels.

OMG…even though my son is not that bad of a driver, I still feel that way.

Like any moment I could go into cardiac arrest.

But here is the thing..learning to drive takes time.

And eventually, I know my son will be a great driver. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week.

But he WILL get there.

In your trading, you might not be a fantastic trader yet.

But think about it like driving a car. It takes time to get good at everything.

How was the first time you parallel parked? Did you nail it on your first try?

I doubt it.

If you were like me my first time parallel parking, I hit 3 cars.

The one in front, the one in back, and the oncoming car.

But now, I can park better than a stunt driver.

The point is, it takes time to trade. Just because you don't get it in the next week or two doesn't mean sht.

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About the Author

Karma Senge is a currency trader & analyst, a commercial real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Through his popular podcast, Supercharge Your Trading, Karma shares advice on how to achieve that coveted title of CPT (Consistently Profitable Trader), wealth, entrepreneurship, and business with millions of people in 30 countries.