My seventeen-year-old son and I have this ongoing jab at each other where I tease him about his obsession with Lamborgini's and he teases me about my obsession with Ferrari's and Koenigsegg's.

I always tell him that I wish he had a Lambo…. so I can burn it in front of him because they suck…

I see him whimper a bit when I say that.

Again…it's all in fun. I do it to him and he says crap like that to me.

Truth be known, Supercars like Lamborgini's and Ferrari's suck.

Big time.

1. They are just four wheels and a box to get you from point A to point B. So really not worth the Money they are. And that is number 2.

2. They are Super expensive. I can't see paying half a mill for a car that would have my back in a brace for a week after I drove it. Which brings me to number 3.

3. They are sooooo uncomfortable. I have had and driven many supercars. And they all are incredibly uncomfortable. I could barely go 50 miles in one without a cramp somewhere in my body.

So why then do so many people crave them and have them?


In trading I see the same thing with traders and their monitors and computer setups.

You don't need all that crap.

A simple laptop will do.

A Chromebook will cost you like $150 and will be great for trading.

You don't need all that stuff that all the people on forums say you need.

Or at least make you feel inferior in some way if you don't have all that crap.

In my Inner Circle course material, I actually walk you through step by step everything you need to be a successful trader.

If you are just starting out in trading, you need to check that video out.

Here is the link:

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