What a 7-year old can teach you about trading

My daughter Lilly, who is 7 years old is in school and right now they are learning about finding repeated sequences in things.

From repeating sequences in tiles on the wall, to patterns found within equations that they are working on.

My daughter loves these repeating patterns.

She looks for them everywhere.

We were in Myrtle Beach South Carolina just a few weeks ago and at this one place we went shopping at, there was a boardwalk that they guardrail was painted in a pattern.

And she noticed it and had to point it out to me.

She followed it up with “Dad, if this was one of your patterns, I could make you a lot of money you know. I should do all your patterns for you, I'm smart“.

I actually got that on a video I took of her with my phone.

She is so cute.

Anyways…she is kinda right.

She literally could find me a ton of patterns within the market.

She has done it before.

I'll be looking at a chart with her standing right next to me and she will see one and let me know that maybe I didn't even find.

And she has this weird knack that she is extremely (even maybe freaky) good at telling me if the patter is going to work out or not.

And she is correct 80% of the time.

Still can't figure this one out.

But she says to me “dad, why do patterns make you so much money?

I told her that it is mainly because they come up over and over again in the market and they are extremely precise. I don't have to really think about them.

I see one, I analyze it, and if it meets my written requirements, I take the trade.

End of story.

Patterns are the most profitable trading system I have ever come across.

In fact, out of 127 systems we tested, this is the only one that was night and day better.

All the rest were crap.

But unlike most “pattern traders”, it is not just in finding the pattern…It is how you analyze it after you find it that makes it much more profitable.

That's what makes us (You and I) different from the rest.

We go one step further and do what I call “Probability Analysis™” to make sure it is going to work out, before we jump on the trade.

If you would like to get a hands on, step-by-step breakdown and walk through of exactly how you can do this Probability Analysis™, then click the link below and join the Inner Circle today and stop wasting time trying to figure all this out on your own.

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Karma Senge is a currency trader & analyst, a commercial real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Through his popular podcast, Supercharge Your Trading, Karma shares advice on how to achieve that coveted title of CPT (Consistently Profitable Trader), wealth, entrepreneurship, and business with millions of people in 30 countries.